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What style would you prefer?

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Photorealistic styled logo


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Loved by 1600+ customers

Delivered in less than 60 seconds

100% created by AI — Trained on a huge library of graphics, icons, and assets

Automated color palette generation based on the selected graphics or brand colors

Ability to preview generated icon & download as 1024x1024 HD image

Copy as image to clipboard for easy sharing

A wide variety of distinguished styles of different icons to choose from

Fully ownership of the generated icon (including selling rights and copyright)

What if I don't like the AI generated Icon?

100% Refund

Not happy with the AI-generated icon? No problem! We'll work together until you're 100% satisfied. If not, we'll process a refund ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the design process takes?

It takes less than 1 minute! Friendly and efficient service guaranteed.

How much is the price?

The price starts at $17 for 80 credits, $24 for 200 credits and $37 for 450 credits. The more credits you purchase, the better value you get per unit.

How many icon designs can I create?

You can create as many icons as you need with sufficient credits, no limits!

What would I get?

You'll get a beautiful icon in 1024x1024 FHD quality in PNG & JPG format. Plus you will recieve font recommendations and colour palette ideas.

Can I use the icon for commercial purposes?

Your icon is yours to keep and use however you like, commercial rights included. Plus, you can even resell it.

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